Slashingthrough moving forward and teaming up with Dark Zone!

It has been very still around the SlashingThrough project but keep your eyes open in the near future we haven't been sitting still completely. Our latest attempt of making this bigger is by teaming up with Dark Zone productions and giving them an honor spot in our partners program.

Dark Zone Studios

The Dark Zone has been working in the German and international convention scene for several years now. So far, we presented guests at various shows in England, the United States and Germany. Our goal is to give fans the opportunity to meet their stars and to make the convention experience a unique experience. We have specialized in the field of horror and we are busy working on being present at different events in the future.

This year we will bring some guests to Germany's famous Horror Convention, the Weekend of Horrors, which will take place in the Saalbau in Bottrop/Germany from November 6th - 8th. The Dark Zone guests are: Morjana Alaoui (MARTYRS), Laurence R. Harvey (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 & 3), Naomi Grossman (AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM & FREAKSHOW), Thomas Ian Nicholas (HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION, AMERICAN PIE), Nick Principe (LAID TO REST), Jim O'Rear (THE HOSPITAL) and the illustrator Tom "Dude Designs" Hodge. The Weekend of Horrors also already announced some well known names from various genre films including Katharine Isabelle (GINGER SNAPS, AMERICAN MARY), Emily Perkins (GINGER SNAPS), Michael Berryman (THE HILLS HAVE EYES), Lew Temple (THE WALKING DEAD), Ørjan Gamst (DEAD SNOW), Barbara Nedeljakova (HOSTEL), Leslie Easterbrook (THE DEVIL'S REJECTS) and Ashlynn Yennie (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 1 & 2).

We will also have film screenings at the convention and we screen the following films: BIND (Director: Dan Walton & Dan Zachary), BANJO (Liam Regan), THE TOUR (Damon Rickard), THE HOSPITAL (Jim O'Rear & Daniel Emery Taylor), #funnyFace (Marcel Walz), THE CURSE OF DR. WOLFFENSTEIN (Marc Rohnstock) and many more. Besides that there will be a dealer space, Q & As with the guests, professional photo shootings and a huge indie film space.

Dark Zone Studios poster

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We are extremely happy and proud to help more people to get introduced to these awesome people from Dark Zone Studios!