Official Teaser Trailer for The Purge: Anarchy

Well after the successful first part Universal didn't want to wait to long with a second part. So we now have the first teaser for the Purge 2: Anarchy.

Returning alongside writer/director/producer James DeMonaco to produce the next chapter of the thriller are Blumhouse Productions' Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity and Insidious series), alongside Sebastien K. Lemercier (Assault on Precinct 13, Four Lovers) and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay (Pain and Gain, Transformers franchise), Brad Fuller (The Amityville Horror, A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Andrew Form (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th).

Look for the film in theatres this June 20th.

Purge 2: Anarchy teaser poster