Linda Blairs Controversial Savage Streets Comes to DVD

Savage Streets is set to hit DVD on June 20th. A film that gained much notoriety at the time of its original release for star Linda Blair’s totally gratuitous nude scene and her blatant use of the ‘c’ word, the outrageous vigilante action flickSavage Streets is without a doubt one of 80s exploitation cinema’s greatest guilty pleasures. Now, this undisputed classic is coming to DVD completely uncut for the first time in the UK and featuring a host of extra features including audio commentaries by the cast and crew, interviews with Linda Blair and Linnea Quigley, and much more

Directed by Danny Steinmann (Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning; The Unseen) and starring Blair (The Exorcist), John Vernon (Animal House) and legendary Hollywood scream queenLinnea Quigley (Return Of The Living Dead; Night Of The Demons; Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers),Savage Streets is an all-out celebration of violence, nudity, big hair, poor fashion decisions and chicks with attitude.

During a night out cruising around Hollywood Boulevard, tough-talking high schooler Brenda (Blair) and her gang of sassy girlfriends, The Satins, cross paths with a bunch of local low life thugs calling themselves The Scars. When their advances on the girls are spurned in no uncertain terms and their prized convertible ends up dumped full of garbage, The Scars suffer a severe blow to their combined ego that demands a response.

Their barbaric retaliation takes the form of a violent sexual assault on Brenda’s deaf-mute little sister, Heather (Quigley), that leaves the young girl fighting for her life. Determined to avenge her sister, Brenda tools up with an unlikely assortment of deadly weapons and takes to the streets in search of those responsible and for whom she is unwilling to show any mercy.

Savage Streets