BUT Film Festival 2013 news!

From 4th till the 8th of September the BUT Film Festival (THE festival for B-movies, Underground and Trash!) is held in Breda, The Netherlands. In this 8th edition of the festival the main guest will be none other than director Albert Pyun (CYBORG, KICKBOXER 2 and THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER). But there's a lot more to come, so read on!

BUT Film Festival 2013

BUT is a small and intimate, but unique international film festival. Not only is the festival a paradise for B-movie trash and underground movie lovers from around the world, BUT also provides a diverse line-up of unique acts and performances by musicians, poets, artists and other performers.
You won't find a festival similar to BUTFF anywhere else in Europe.

Albert Pyun, main guest at BUT Film Festival 2013

Main guest: Albert Pyun

Pyun is one of the 80's action film pioneers and in his career Albert Pyun worked with the likes of Jean Claude van Damme, Rutger Hauer and Kris Kristofferson. Pyun is not a filmmaker that only sticks to one genre. He proves this in his NEMESIS sequence and in his 1990 rendition of CAPTAIN AMERICA. Like Edward D. Wood Jr., Albert Pyun has an outspoken interest for the bizarre, which is why he is often compared with this filmmaker from the fifties.
During the festival Pyun's two latest films will be screened as well as some of his older works. Further, -the festival can't guarantee it yet- his latest movie CYBORG NEMESIS is still in post production but might be shown during BUTFF! In the lead is Kevin Sorbo, better known as "Hercules".

Guests BUT Film Festival 2013

Guests, paranormal documentaries, comic artists, a freakshow and more!

The theme of this year is Evilution or put differently: Evolution gone wrong. The festival always has a keen eye for new talent in genre films. As usual this means that a fine collection of B-movies, Underground and Trash films will be screened at the festival: crazy doctors, poisonous garbage dumps and radioactive radiation can produce the most gruesome creatures and filmmakers will show you their wildest ideas.
Next to Albert Puyn the festival welcomes the following guests:

  • House of Wax presents: Papa Giacomo's Freakshow

  • During his trips around the world Papa Giacomo got to know strange people and collected the weirdest objects for his freakshow. This time he's bringing them to the BUTFF, go see it on Saturday the 7th of September!

  • Joost aka Dutch Ghosthunter

  • Joost is the most famous maker of documentaries on the paranormal in The Netherlands. In his latest documentary he meets an artist who makes art from human remains...

  • Graphic novel artist John Heijink

  • John Heijink will be on the 7th of Sptember present to create and sign a special BUTFF edition of his graphic novel KAPITEIN KREISS. This special edition with an limited edition of 50 is exclusively made for the festival.

  • Artist Jan Bucqouy

  • Belgian artist Jan Bucqouy is known for his art with cooking oil and his museum of underwear but that's not all: he made several films as well. The festival will screen three of his films, he will give a performance of frying french fries-medieval style(!!!) and create a cooking oil work of art!

BUT Black Friday (Black Metal fest)

Apart from the focus of the film festival on underground movies and artists it also hosts the annual BUT Black Friday festival with a diverse lineup consisting of 6 Black Metal acts:

  • Styxian Industries (NL - Industrial Black Metal)
  • Dood (NL - Black Metal)
  • Rán (IS/NL - Black/Thrash/Death Metal)
  • Weltschmerz (NL - Black Metal)
  • Hekte Zaren (PO/NL - Extreme vocalist)
  • Grift (NL - Black Metal)

BUT Black Friday facebook event

BUT Black Friday 2013

We'll post more news on the all guests as it pours in so we'll keep you updated!

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