Trailer for the Horror Documentary Fantasm

What we have for you today is the first official trailer for Kyle Kuchta's documentary Fantasm, which takes its focus to horror conventions and why we love them so much. This is one shows one reason why is created! Trailer down below!

Synopsis: "At 15, Kyle's parents took him to his first horror convention. The one thing he looked forward to most was attending the next convention. But then he went away to college and couldn't go to anymore. Now he's revisiting these conventions to learn why these gatherings are so important to horror fans."

From Kyle kuchta;
For years, I've been a horror fan. I'm a VHS collector, a convention goer, and generally obsessive about horror films. The only thing I was missing as a young horror lover were people to share my love with. That's why I'm setting out to talk to some other die hard horror fans, collectors, convention coordinators, business owners, and actors/directors about "Why?” Why does the horror genre consume us the way it does? Why do we succumb and devote ourselves to such a thing? And why is it that when we meet other horror fans, that we have a connection far beyond what people realize? If you would like ore information on this one, make your way over to their official Facebook page and support this great horror documentary!