Theatrical Trailer for Japanese movie: Zomvideo

Who's up for some Japanese mayhem then? I for one love what our crazy Eastern friends produce, but I know its not for everyone. So for those of you who like things a little bizarre and dare I say weird? Head on down below as we have scored the NSFW trailer for Kenji Murakami's long awaited comedy zombie flick, Zomvideo.


"Tired of zombies? We feel you, and that is why ZOMVIDEO is a uniquely hilarious dummies guide to zombies, a step-by-step instructional manual about how to deal with the denizens of the dead! This comedy-horror-satire aint' your average zombie story! Some fledgling editors working in a dead-end sleazy video company find a mystical VHS that is uncannily related to each undead encounter they face in the wake of a sudden zombie apocalypse in Tokyo city! The increasing denizens of the dead are led by two very enigmatic and deranged half-zombie women (played by J-Pop stars C-ute) who have a bizarre relationship and the strange ability to control the zombies every move."