Official Poster & Trailer for the Japanese Flick 'Bingo'

I guess the game of bingo is a totally different ball game over in Japan, here in Western countries you'll be lucky if you win a goldfish. Below we have the official trailer, poster and plot details for Yohei Fukuda's (Grotesque) Japanese flick Bingo, and I for one am totally intrigued. The film was recently released last month throughout Japan, but hopefully this might see the light of day in the West

"Set sometime in the future, when the death penalty has been reformed in Japan. The death sentence is now determined by a game of bingo played by the victim's family. Masaya (Kazuki Shimizu) is a prisoner, whose fate is now being determined by a game of bingo. Mayumi (Sakiko Matsui) sits in the monitor room with staff who operate the bingo game. Mayumi stares at Masaya."

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