‘Echap’ (Esc) trailer; a more modern take on the séance movies?

French film ‘Echap’ presents a trailer where some girls are having a séance with a bit of help of some keyboard parts. But ghosts are often not to mess with. The title seems to give a hint of a more modern take on the genre but if this goes for the whole movie is something we have to wait for. The movie directed by Dist De Kaerth and Christophe Trent Berthemin stars Noémie Alazard Vachet, Anna Polina, Graziella Diamond, Eliska Cross, Lavandra May and Lussi. The trailer looks promising.

After a day of drinking, five female friends head out for a weekend of fun that launches into an impromptu seance in which they happen upon the restless spirit of a former classmate. Soon after and much to their chagrin our young ladies will be exploring the haunting world of cyber-spiritualism. One that cannot be escaped by hitting the ESC key.


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