Official Teaser Trailer for Killjoy Goes To Hell

Following on from Killjoy; s Revenge, is Full Moon Horror's latest sequel in the Killjoy franchise, Killjoy Goes To Hell. Below we have just scored the official teaser trailer for John Lechago's Killjoy Goes To Hell.


"The demon clown Killjoy is on trial in Hell! Having failed in his last outing to claim his victim's soul, he must face the devil himself in Hell's courtroom and prove that he's evil and worthy of a demon. His only hope is the testimony of his last victim and a trial by combat. Killjoy's murderous minions Batty Boop, Punchy, and Freakshow plot a daring rescue attempt, but they have nosy detectives, renegade clowns, and a whole mess of demons in their way. If they fail, Killjoy is damned to oblivion, never to return!"

killjoy goes to hell poster