Official Poster & Trailer for Hemorrhage

Making its way to this years Fantasia Film Festival is Braden Croft's intense flick Hemorrhage, and we have just scored the official poster and the highly intriguing trailer for the film. This one looks set to deliver the goods, head on down below and see if you agree. The film stars Alex D. Mackie, Brittney Grabill and Ryland Alexander.


"Released as an outpatient from a psychiatric hospital, Oliver Lorenz must learn to control his homicidal urges. Oliver meets a cute and harmless nurse named Claire who takes an interest in him. The emotions cause him to have a psychotic episode and he takes Claire hostage. Oliver sets out with his captive, to uncover the truth behind his problems buried deep in the woods at his family cabin. On the way, Oliver stops at his sister’s home to try and make sense of his broken life. During breakfast, a television news report accuses Oliver of a bloody killing spree at the local convenience store. Determined to make it to the cabin before he has a complete psychotic break, Oliver hits the road taking Claire with him. What Oliver discovers in the cabin forces him to take control, leaving him with only one solution."

hemorrhage poster