Teaser of upcoming giallo ‘Masks’ by Andreas Marschall (‘Tears of Kali’)

‘Masks’ seems to be an ode to the giallo’s of old by the masters Dario Argento and Mario Bava. And since there hasn’t been a truly great giallo for a while – apart from the stunning ‘Amer’- here’s one that definitely brings back the vibe of the good old days. The trailer is amazing: atmosphere hits the spot and the music is just right. Check it out!

The story follows Stella, an ambitious acting student, who’s been accepted to the mysterious "Mateusz Gdula" school. The founder of the school committed suicide when his very special training method got forbidden because of the deaths of several of his students in the '70s.

But when strange things start to happen in the abandoned wing of the school, Stella suspects that Gdula's method is still practiced. And she wants to participate at all costs...

Be sure to check out the stills below!








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