Stunning Trailer for Japanese Zombie Flick 'Undertaker'

We're all accustomed to the over-the-top style of many Japanese horror films, often including such random acts of violence with some of the most obscure stories known to man. But sometimes, they can unleash something with a bit of human emotion, case in point, Naoyoshi Kawamatsu's zombie flick, Undertaker.

Below we have the first official English-subbed trailer and poster for the stunning and highly intriguing flick, give it a watch and let us know what you think. The film stars Yoshito Kobashigawa, Shinta Souma, Yuina Kumakura, Usagi Ohyama, Tetsuyuki Wakabayashi, Setsuko Kawaguchi, Tomoka Asano and Sakae Yamaura.

Choose your victim poster

For more information including a slew of photos, hit up their official website.