Evil Ashes in Kotsutsubo Trailer

Long gone are the days of adding poison to someone's drink to make them go away, in this day and age its all about possessed urns and satanic ashes, a couple of sprinkles in a beverage and let the demons do the rest. While the idea may sound a little perplexing, it does look it may deliver the goods, although I would like to see more demonic action. Below we have the first trailer and synopsis courtesy of Far East Films, check it out.


"Eri (Natsumi Matsubara) is an inconspicuous female high school student who goes completely unnoticed by her classmates. In contrast, her childhood friend Mitsuko (Rurika Yokoyama) is the class leader and is constantly hit on by their creepy teacher, Ichida (Mamoru Tsubouchi). In order to protect her friend, Eri obtains a funerary urn rumoured to hold ashes that cause certain death for anyone who gets them in their mouth."

Sinister poster