Japanese monster horror movie Hen-ge first trailer

We know what you're thinking because we're thinking the same exact thing: Just what the hell is a Henge? The short answer... we don't have the slightest idea, but after watching this latest trailer for it, one thing is incredibly clear - we don't ever want it to happen to us.


A young couple's lives take a turn for the worse after a mysterious attack on the husband leaves him suffering from some bizarre after effects.

Henge, directed by Hajime Ohata and starring Kazunari Aizawa, Aki Morita and Teruhiko Nobukuni, was released in Japan this past March, and there's no word yet on when we'll see this film Stateside. Still, the trailer is bat-shit crazy enough for us to share with you loonies. Dig on the logline below and check out the goods! More on this one as it comes.

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