'Prey to God' teasing you

A teaser has been posted for the small flick 'Prey to God'

The movie stars Sierra Holmes of season two of VH1′s Scream Queens as well as Dax Spanogle. Directed by Stephen Corron.

Ahh... camping with friends. Monica and Jeff are in love - what better location than the very campgrounds where her parents first met? They eagerly depart, best friends Kaitlyn and Randy and her little brother, Steven, in tow. But Monica has a secret - a secret she plans to share with Jeff at some point during the trip, against the advice of her best friend. Before she can, fear strikes. Someone is missing. Little do any of them know what awaits them in the night. What begins as a fun and relaxing camping trip quickly transforms into the five young campers' worst nightmare.

Before any of them realize what is going on, they are each forced to atone for sins most don't even realize they've committed by people they would have least expected. Purification by pain, bloodletting and other horrific acts invade their world all in the name of the Lord, blinding them and forcing them to desperately wonder what they did to deserve such treatment. What purpose could this possibly serve and to what end?

Monica is faced with decisions being made for her so rapidly and in such a way that her mind can't even comprehend what is happening. Can her subconscious break free, saving her brother and her friends? Or will the family succeed in sacrificing all of them to the Lord?

Prey to God

Prey to God