Full moon yet? Time for “Werewolf Party” trailer!

Director Juan Martinez Moreno is throwing a party. With werewolves! He delivers a horror comedy that seems to be quite some fun – even though I suck at Spanish language. Check out the trailer below!

A failed writer goes back to his home village in rural Spain when the locals decide to “honour” him for his work. As soon as he arrives to town, he realizes all eyes are on him, and not necessarily because of his literary success. It turns out that for almost 100 years a monstrous werewolf has been terrorizing the village eating whoever came along. Now trapped in an underground labyrinth of wine cellars, the only way to free the place from the curse that has been haunting it is to feed the beast with a member of the Molinero family… and the town’s just arrived guest “happens” to be a perfect candidate for this.

Werewolf Party