Spooky “The Pact” teaser

Sometimes good things come in small packages. This really short teaser for Nicholas McCarthy’s “The Pact” works. Hard to say how the feature itself will be but this is a nice attention grabber. The movie stars Caity Lotz and Casper van Dien and premiered at the Sundance Festival on 20 January. Synopsis and teaser below!

Following their mother’s death, sisters Nicole and Annie are forced to return to their memory-ridden childhood home. Annie begins searching through her mother’s belongings for clues to their past life when, happening upon a picture of an unknown young woman standing beside her mother, she starts to sense an unusual presence in the house. Experiencing a series of intense and disturbing dreams, Annie begins to question the life she thought she knew as the world around her evolves into a living nightmare…

The Pact

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