"Cutter" is coming

“Cutter”, the bloodthirsty story from world-renowned comic artist Monte Moore, is set to shoot in LA in mid-2012. Produced by British based company One Eyed Dog Films, “Cutter” is hailing from classic slasher movies such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “Halloween” and “Scream”.

The film is directed by Aubrey Reynolds and the script comes from renowned comic artist, Monte Moore. For the past 20 years Moore has been designing comic, gaming, pin-up and entertainment illustrations for clients including Lucasfilm Ltd, Playboy and DC Comics. In recent years Moore has turned his creative juices to writing and has written 11 screenplays. The film is set to shoot in LA mid-2012.

The story follows Amanda, a bubbly and vivacious teen who, at a bonfire party with her college friends, stumbles upon an abandoned trawler boat in the Louisiana Bayou. Deciding that the vessel is a much cooler party destination, the group of unsuspecting teens swim out to the craft to continue their celebrations. In true slasher style the party takes a look around their surroundings using nothing but the light on Amanda’s video camera to lead the way.

The boat is not standing vacant. It is home to Cutter, the serial killer who, as a little boy, was abducted by the jewel thief’s that murdered his parents. And Cutter does not wish to be disturbed. Throw in two bent cops, one US Marshall and enough animal carcass’ to make a taxidermist weep and you’ve got a recipe for fun!