“Hannibal” TV series coming up

Gaumont International Television studio has been working on an hourlong drama called “Hannibal” at NBC. The name rings a bell? That’s right, Hannibal Lecter is being developed as a television series. TV dinners consisting of a liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti will undoubtedly flourish.

The “Hannibal” series are written by Bryan Fuller and will have Fuller and Martha De Laurentiis as executive producers. Fuller is developing a script against a 13-episode commitment, meaning that the project won’t go through a pilot stage but straight to series if NBC brass like the script. The network has a short window after receiving Fuller’s script to pick it up. In a model similar to that for NBC’s midseason drama series "The Firm", GIT, the U.S. arm of French film studio Gaumont, will fund the potential series by a mix of a U.S network license fee and international sales. The project was taken to MIPCOM last month, and a number of international deals are already in the works.

Hannibal series

Source: Deadline