Hong Kong Ghost Stories Trailer

Here we have an upcoming Chinese flick which plays out almost like an anthology as the film features a number of stories. Granted the film looks a little silly in parts and the CGI is pretty dire, but, apart from that I am freaking loving this one and I can’t wait for more.

Hong Kong Ghost Stories is directed by Jing Wong and Patrick Kong and stars Jennifer Tse, Chissy Chau, Stephy Tang and Him Law.


“HONG KONG GHOST STORIES tells of horror stories which, according to two sineasnya version as the most scary ghost story in the country of Hong Kong. The first story tells of an eerie incident that occurred disebuah School. School pupils are very unruly, and finally the teacher was acting that eventually led to a mystical event that involves a ghost. The story tells of the horror stories are both a group of teenagers who are enjoying a happy holiday, then terrorized by a ghost who seems to want to communicate something to them.”

Hong Kong Ghost Stories poster