International trailer for Italian vampire movie 'Al Crepuscolo' (At Dusk)

Trailer of Matteo Macaluso’s vampire movie 'Al Crepulsco' gives a little look of what's to come.

Here’s the somewhat mysterious synopsis:

A prisoner in a small dark and dusty room, a man awaits his fate and clings to his memories, that last glimmer of light that still keeps him alive. And while life is consumed by the dark, outside those walls, in an even darker prison, there are those who move between furtive glances of the people, relentlessly looking for signs and traces left behind, searching for revenge. Now there is little time to wait. The light is falling. Someone will die tonight.

Al Crepuscolo / AT DUSK (Official International Trailer, 2011) from Matteo Macaluso on Vimeo.