Chicago area? Go see “Musical of the Living Dead” and meet Bill Hinzman as well!

For the second time “Musical of the Living Dead” returns! During the opening weekend (14th and 15th of October) well-known zombie of “Night of the Living Dead” Bill Hinzman will attend. After the show the audience is invited for a Q and A with the actor and he’ll do autographs as well. So don’t miss out on this and get your tickets by clicking the link below! You can’t kill the singing dead!

Bill Hinzman

Back for a second bloody year, this “Musical Zom-com” (zombie comedy), Musical of the Living Dead is an original musical parody of classic zombie films and musical theatre. Featuring music inspired by everything from Gershwin to Green Day, Musical of the Living Dead follows the lives of ten very different people trapped in a farmhouse during the breakout of a zombie apocalypse. They are all brought together seeking refuge from the brain-eating zombies outside and, following classic zombie genre rules, we see who gets eaten, who comes back to eat someone else and who lives to fight another day.

Musical of the Living Dead features several sequences of carnage – each one more visceral than the last. This year the cast will be bloodier…the first few rows of the audience will be bloodier…and everyone will have a bloody good time – laughing and being horrified all at the same time.

Musical of the Living Dead

Musical of the Living Dead