Horror anthology “The Profane Exhibit” gets first names

And there’s another horror anthology coming up. After news on “The ABCs Of Death” and “The Theater Bizarre” it’s now time for “The Profane Exhibit”. Ten horror underground directors will direct the parts of the movie. After the first names also the official artwork is shown created by Chad Michael Ward.

Manna - Edmonton, Canada (14 mins)
Director: Michael Todd Schneider (August Underground's Mordum)

Cast: Amber-lynn Walker (Guinea Pig(TV) ) - 1st Apprentice
Madeleine Horn (International Fetish Model) - Priestress

Score: Seb Komor (Icon of Coil, Zombie Girl)

SFX: Autumn Cook (Sella Turcica, Theatre Bizarre)
Jerami Cruise (Murder Set Pieces, Theatre Bizarre, August Underground Series)

Good Wife - Vancouver, Canada (10 mins)
Director: Ryan Nicholson (Live Feed, Gutterballs)

Cast: Dan Ellis (Gutterballs, Hanger)
Monique Parent (80's B Movie Queen)
Tina Krause (Penny Dreadful, The Vampire Seduction)

Score: cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy)

Tochka - Khabarovsk, Russia (10 mins)
Director: Andrey Iskanov (Philosophy of a Knife, Ingression)

Score: Scott Putesky (Marilyn Manson, Jack Off Jill)

The Profane Exhibit

Source: Twitch Film