Chinese Horror The Purple House Trailer

Here we have the first trailer for, Hang-Sang Poon’s upcoming Chinese psychological/thriller film, The Purple House. Sadly the trailer has no subtitles, but it features people screaming and running.

The Purple House is directed by Hang-Sang Poon and stars Jiro Wang, Liya Tong, Yuyo Xiao, Kai Zhong and Michael Tong.


“As Zhou Tong, a bourgeois woman returned from abroad with her fiancé Li Yi to success to her father’s property, the old memory was unsealed. The story just begins from there. There aren’t any impression or nostalgia for her, though that is the home in which she had lots of childhood reminiscences and which she hadn’t been back in a long time. Everything around her make her anxious only. People under one roof are family members not related to her at all, callous stepmother, her younger brother, and her personal hospice and a weird gardener. From the very first moment when Zhou and Li moved in that old house, mysterious incidents happen in continuous, and they cannot find any clue like they are fogged in. All in the house go into have an ulterior motive, Zhou and Li are at a loss for what to do in these situation that seems people have complicated relations each other. Are all of these just a nightmare indeed…”

purple house