Cannibal Holocaust Director’s Cut Hits UK Blu-ray

Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust sure has caused some controversy in its time, hailed by some and hated by others. It sure has split the pack and what ever you think of the film you can’t deny it sure as hell made an impact.

There is a new edit of Cannibal Holocaust making its way to the UK which will be available on blu-ray and a two-disc DVD version for those of us (like me) who haven’t made the transition to blu-ray yet. The new edit according to DreadCentral is a directors edition which removes most of the animal death scenes. We reported HERE earlier in the year about this upcoming edition where Ruggero stated;

“The special effects aimed to make people believe what they were seeing was real… “I think the cuts of the new edition are right. If I had the chance to go back in time, I’d have avoided the animal killings. I paid a high price for that, such as losing the pleasure of introducing Cannibal Holocaust to the UK public.”

The new edition of Cannibal Holocaust hits UK shelves on September 26th via Shameless Screen Entertainment.

Cannibal Holocaust Bluray