Troll Hunter Remake and Possible Sequel

Andre Ovredal’s mockumentary The Troll Hunter is one film you just have to see if you haven't seen the trailer go see it. It still looks freaking awesome!

Last year Universal had brought the rights to remake The Troll Hunter but in fact it seems that may not be the case.

Recently Andre Ovredal spoke to the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting about the rumoured remake;

“Actually, we’re not really talking with Universal about that… now there is another production company here… I hope we’re signing the contracts very soon.”

Andre Ovredal goes on to talk about the possibility of a sequel;

“Eventually…[there's] high demand in Norway for a sequel, actually. People are sending me personal Facebook messages every week saying, ‘Where is the sequel? Come on, get it out!’“

To read the rest of the interview head on over to Bloody-Disgusting. Be sure to check out The Troll Hunter when it hits VOD on May 6th and then in theatres on May 10th.

Troll Hunter