Teaser trailer for Dutch “Omega”

The Dutch horrormovie “Omega” got an official teaser trailer. The revolves around a family in the south of The Netherlands that is subject to all kinds of (un)natural distress. It’s the first myor project for Limax Film Productions and the movie is written and directed by Patrick Haagmans. Peter Huizing, Ramon Klein, Megan Aerdts and Nelly Freida star in this movie. The film is expected to be released in 2012. Read on for the -somewhat fragmented- synopsis, teaser and poster.

The Bartels family is a happy family with two children. They buy a house in the middle of the forest in Heerlen. Rene Bartels, the eldest daughter of the family, has a life of her own with her boyfriend Marco. She’s still coming at her parents’ house regularly. Sanne Bartels, who still lives at home feels alone and is missing her friends. Then she meets Pascal. But Pascal has a dark past and has been in contact with the law for a couple of times.

Life treats the Bartels family well, until the father's construction company suddenly goes bankrupt. Their financial resources run dry rapidly and the whole family has to change their lifestyles dramatically. Then everything suddenly takes a strange turn. But is this caused by the financial problems or are there other things causing trouble for the family. The priest, who helps the family wherever he can with his faith. But someone will have to stand together with the priest to save all that’s left to save, or else?


Limax Film Productions