Watch The Taint Officially For Free!

Christmas has come early for us gore hounds and people who like things a little bit twisted and quite frankly f**ked up! We have mentioned Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson’s The Taint a few times before and until the end of June, Dan Nelson is given us all the opportunity to watch his feature length feature, in full and for free!

The Taint is directed and produced by Drew Bolduc and Dan Nelson, the film stars Drew Bolduc, Colleen Walsh, Cody Crenshaw, and Kenneth Hall.


“The Taint is an intellectual experience. It is a violent and misogynistic film about violence, misogyny, and entertainment. It will poison the minds of men and turns them into raging misogynists who want nothing more than to crush women’s heads with rocks. It features sadistic violence, gratuitous sexual content, and scenes of spellbinding dramatic interest. It also contains more cock explosions than any other movie ever. It’s the ultimate sexually-frustrated-male-nerd-emotional-masturbation-release film, done in the style of an 80’s horror-comedy.”

The Taint

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