By: Monstertje
Date: June 26, 2013


There must be something magical about the weekend of the 13th and 14th of July. One of the fantasy events that weekend is Fantastyval, held at the estate Wouwse Plantage. Fantastyval is this year build upon the theme "The fantastical Journey", you should think of travel associations, pirates, Vikings and other kinds with lust for travel. Let's not only think about travelling back in time, but also travel in time, or go forth in time, who knows if there are time machines guaranteed to give you a fantastic but bizarre trip!


A lot of familiar faces will return for travel to fantastyval, among them are Theater Gothika and Circus Alderhandt. Storytellers De Jonge Honden and Abe de Verteller will excite you with their stories about the journeys they made. Someone who will not only tell you about his journeys and the strange creatures he encountered, but will also make you learn something from them is warrior master Qu'mar ti-jin. How do you defend yourself from evil monsters and vile creatures who are crossing your path and willing to hunt you down? Qu'mar will guide you through this and will not only inform you how to deal with the well-known trolls, wizards and werewolves, but also prepare you for the more exotic species like the Spinmeisel, dragons and balrogs. May you have encountered a special type of monster before but wasnt able to defeat it, just know you can do a special monster request, and the warrior master will treat the monster of your choice in the workshop!


If monsters are a bit too much for you, there is always music. fantastyval has a nice and varied music program this year, with known and unknown new bands. Surprise yourself with the sound of Greek band Daemonia Nymphe who combine neo-classical music with folk and make up for a great theatrical show, or learn some Balfolk from Kelten Zonder Grenzen en find yourself dancing free-spirited on their music. Besided Irish ballads and songs, you can enjoy the more heavy stuff from Ice and Maxifusions, or take some time off to relax in the Boomcafe with sounds from Lachlan and Seed. Whatever your choice of music may be, you sure will enjoy these 2 days filled with music.


Something quite unique about fantastyval is the presence of tent camps. Vikings and travellers of Middle-earth have temporarily set their camps at fantastyval, be sure to visit them and get a glimpse of life on the road. On of the tent camps is Ennorandirrim, a group of seven people trying to re-enact the world of Tolkien and also doing this by making everything they use themselves. This year the tented camp of Rohirrim will be visited by a few Hobbits, who have their own Hobbit-cave complete with Hobbit-door in wich they'll have a Hobbit Tea-party. Now you can be part of this Hobbit Tea Party, but not before you solve a little riddle!


These are just a few highlights of a weekend packed with everything fantasy related you can imagine. You can shop, join special workshops, enter costume and writing contests, gaze at all the beautiful people around you, get lost in the wonderful world of fantasy!

fantastyval takes place at 13th and 14th of July at Landgoed Wouwse Plantage.
Plantage Centrum 1, 4725 SR Wouwse Plantage

opened and closed at:
Saturday 13 july 10.00 - 21.00
Sunday14 july 10.00 - 19.00

tickets go for: Day Adult.....................€ 15,00
Day Kids 6 -12................€ 7,50
2 day ticket Adult............€ 28,00
2 day ticket Kids 6 12......€ 12,50
Kids under 5..................FREE

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