By: Monstertje
Date: April 23, 2013

Horrific Finds more than just a page

If you like a horror movie you saw in the theatre, you'll probably buy it on dvd. If you LOVE horror movies, just a dvd won't do. You want the special editions, t-shirts, posters and figurines too. I personally don't know any film freak who doesn't own at least a couple of figurines. A big part of building your collection is searching for hard-to-find merchandise,to me, that is what makes it fun. "Horrific finds" collects those things you most want and more! Check it out.

Horrific Finds

A fun way to share this journey with other collector is on the facebook page "Horrific Finds". At Horrific finds they understand that being a collector is hard work,what it's like to search for that one statue that is impossible to find but will be a priceless addition to your collection.

Horrific Finds

Horrific Finds is a community dedicated to the excitement, perseverance, thrill and patience that defines the art of collecting and the pursuit of acquiring paraphernalia related to the horror genre. Here we will take a frightening look at collecting twisted figures, disturbing books, gruesome comics and bond over our strange obsession with watching disgusting movies. Horrific Finds want to help you find what you are looking for and build your collection. By sharing, searching for the one toy that got away doesn't have to be a nightmare and you can help each other out to create some of the most amazing, terrifying show rooms (and homes) your neighbors, friends and families have ever seen.

Horrific Finds

Nearly 50% of what you see on their page is currently for sale. However, what's not for sale can still be a part of your collection. Theycan help you find it. If you are interested in something Horrific Finds does not own or has listed, they know many dealers and collectors. On their page, please feel free to share your passion for the macabre and what figures, props and statues you are currently trying to hunt down.


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