By: Monstertje
Date: April 4, 2013

Elfia new name new things!

Even though the weather is still cold, festival season is open and so we present you Elfia. This fantasy event takes place since 2001 and was previously known as Elf Fantasy Fair, in January 2013 the name Elf Fantasy Fair was replaced by the name Elfia™.

Elfia is a festival that is focused on the expression of dreams. Costumes are the most obvious way to shape these dreams. Often they are inspired on the clothes of characters from tv series, movies and comics. But at Elfia they also go further than only costumes: music, photography, body art, body painting, vehicles... They are all opportunities to make those dreams reality. Elfia is the biggest fantasy event in Europe and is suitable for every age.


The program consists of Competitions, Music, Groups & Shows, Lectures & Stories,Workshops & Demos, Walking Acts, Food & Drinks. All of this will fit in this editions theme "Dwarves and Hobbits". Beside the Costume Parade and the Parade on Wheels, you can also join one of the larp battles on the Mystic Field. It will be also possible to get short courses in larp fighting for kids and adults. You can always participate but bring your own larp weapon.


Like every year there are many music acts to entertain you, but one of the coolest acts you'll see this edition is The Hobbit Orchestra.Exclusively for Elfia the band will perform dressed as Hobbits. The program will include highlights from populair soundtracks, written for famous adventure-, fantasy- and SciFi movies. Be sure to bring your extra-large elves ears so you won't miss a thing!


If the Hobbit Orchestra didn't full fill your hunger for trolls then this maybe will satisfy. For the very first time you have the change to witness a Troll Wedding Ceremony! Are you eager to see a mountain troll wedding? Don't miss it, the first Clan Grugash wedding is going to take place on Saturday AND Sunday at 1 P.M. on the territory of the Clan. Two Clan members, Oer and O-ngo, will growl something of a YES to each other. And this has to be celebrated in a troll way. You are all invited to be a part of the buffet, participation is at own risk and there will be no guaranty that you will survive! So keep calm and don't even blink.


For those who like fantasy but also need a little technology involved, Elfia has that covered with the premiere of the short movie "Guardian" by Thibaut Niels. This movie takes place after the Apocalyps with the dead rising from their graves. Sounds like something for us horrorfreaks. After the movie there is a Q&A with the moviemaker. Before the movie there will be a forum also with the creators of the magical medieval movieproduction 'Magistratus' that will be shown shortly after 'Guardian'.


A big part of Elfia is almost everyone dressing up. So with the theme, I'm sure you'll have a high risk of getting into a fight with some nasty trolls. One way to avoid losing an arm or leg, is attending the workshop "self defense against spiders and trolls" by Martial Arts Master Qu'Mar. Learn how to defend yourself against hordes of trolls, big spiders from Mirkwood and other monsters from Middle Earth. Martial Arts Master Qu'Mar Ti-jin also will learn you a group technic for battles against dragons. As always the workshops are humoristic, instructive, exciting and safe. And no worries: we won't hurt real monsters.If you worked with Qu'Mar before, bring your certificate. Promotion to 'headband holder' is possible again.


Another way to protect yourself of those nasty little creatures that dwarves and trolls are, is by staying close to the Dutch Garrison of the 501st Legion, Skirmish of the Troopers. Since the description of dwarves and trolls sounds an awful lot like Ewoks, the Dutch Garrison will be present the whole weekend to protect the visitors of Elfia from these creatures. Of course they will make time for a photo, so make sure you visit their stand at Steamspot.


If you are Dutch, i'm pretty sure that if you go out there always is some water and food in your bag. Maybe you should change that when visiting Elfia. Your own food and drinks will be useless since it's just ordinary and in Elfia, nothing is ordinary. Treat yourself to all the wonderful food and drinks available at Elfia. For example the special Elfia Mead, with this years flavours being :

  • - Midas: Chinese Gooseberry with Pricklypear
  • - Pirate: Regular mead with 40% honey
  • - Elfian Elixir: Mixed fruits
  • - Nymph: Apple & Cinnamon
  • - Vampia: Cherry
  • - Pharaoh Vanilla: Vanilla & 40% honey
  • - Gottertrank: mead-beer
  • - Surprise: there will be a new flavour available!
All flavours are available at the Mead Bar. Don't worry about missing your favourite flavour or having to carry the load all day, you can buy your mead in the morning and leave it at the Mead bar and pick it up when leaving.

Not sure which taste you prefer? Elfia gives you the chance to taste all flavours for free, so you can be sure you'll enjoy your mead at home! elfia

All of the above activities are just highlights out of the numerous things you can do, watch, taste, hear or experience at Elfia. Other than the activities described, there are also a lot (like, over 200) of various shops present at Elfia.I'm sure every minute of the two-day event will be filled with joy!

Elfia truly is a unique festival you shouldn't miss if you like fantasy. It is perfect for a family day out, gather a group of friends or just go by yourself and make new friends, so there is no reason not to visit Elfia.
Elfia takes place at Saterday 20th of April 9:00-22:00 and Sunday 21st of April 9:00- 19:00 at the following location

Kasteel de Haar (Castle de Haar)
Kasteellaan 1
RR Haarzuilens
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Tickets bought at the fair itself will be :

Saturday Adult 25,00 € Child 13,50 €

Sunday Adult 22,50 € Child 13,50 €

You can buy pre-sale tickets with discount, for more information about tickets please visit their ticketpage here.


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