By: Monstertje
Date: March 18, 2013

Frankenweenie more than just a movie

Frankenweenie is a supercute stop motion sci-fi family film directed by Tim Burton. First, I love almost everything Tim Burton makes, so eventhough I can't stand dogs I loved this little monsterdog that plays the lead. Second, I'm a girl so a sucker for merchandise. As soon as the movie came out I made sure I picked up a shirt with this precious dead buddy on it!

Frankenweenie merch

Now there is more then just shirts, Disney released a series of stuffed toys. I really need to have these in my home. They make me wanna have babies and raise them a propper horror fan, but luckily my husband said I don't need babies to buy these ;)

Frankenweenie merch

Other than the girly shirt and stuffed toys there are also some cool accessories available

Frankenweenie merch

you can get the girly shirt at

The stuffed animals and accessories are available at


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