By: Monstertje
Date: March 1, 2013

Blood splatters for all your household needs

If you love horror, you probably can also appreciate some blood splatter in and around your house. On your plate, on the floor, let's have blood splatters everywhere! Now we know it's easy to decorate stuff with blood, but it's not really legal. For that problem we introduce you to house ware that's already customized to our bloody taste.

First, let's start with the kitchen what makes blood, yes, knives. Where do we cut, yes on cutting boards.

Blood Splatter household

Next up, let's cook some freshly killed meat, but we want to keep our own flesh clean so an apron, potholder and some gloves come in handy.

Blood Splatter household Blood Splatter household Blood Splatter household

So, where to put our filthy diner, here's a nice set consisting of a plate, cup and bowl.

Blood Splatter household

I hope I'm not alone in this, but when I am cooking it can get pretty messy and well, sometimes the only thing that helps is a shower. Guess again if you expect an ordinary bathroom in our house.

Blood Splatter household

Here is the bloody bath mat, with his buddy the bloody shower curtain.

Blood Splatter household

Even inside the shower you can keep it bloody with some nice red shower gel.

Blood Splatter household

If that still wasn't enough blood, here is a towel... with blood.

Blood Splatter household

If you are interested in what you see you can get the products from the listed online shops below:


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