By: Monstertje
Date: February 20, 2013

Phantasium, a must-go!

To start off our lifestyle section we got Phantasium 2013, this is just one of the things you will come across in our lifestyle section! 2013 Marks the year Phantasium celebrates their 5th anniversary. Phantasium is a cozy Gothic and Fantasy festival in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and is held this weekend, on the 23th and 24th of February. This year the festival starts at Friday with a special concert to celebrate the anniversary, Abney Park and Violet Steam Mix will take the stage. Doors for this special concert will open at 19:00 and won't be closed until everyone is warmed up for the fantasy filled weekend ahead!


Saturday the doors open at 10:00 and close at 19:00, in between these hours you can find a wide variety of a market, entertainment and music. Wondering what kind of music? At 11:30 there is Cecilia, folkmusic made for doing a little dance. At 13:30 Wild Geese will be playing their traditional folk. Then at 15:30 we have Victor Sierra with his mix of steampunk, rock and electro. Finally at 17:30 The Dolmen will play some celtic folk-rock. Don't be shy to dance while listening to this music, Phantasium is known for their dancing audience. There are always groups of lovely people willing to learn you some special folk moves!


At Sunday doors are open at 10:00 also. If you haven't done already, take some time to go shopping. This years shopping highlights are : Brunhilde Fantasy Clothing for handmade medieval clothing, Dark Dragon Books for adventure-,fantasy- and sword and sorcery genre books, meadandmore for a variaty of mead. These are just a couple of the numerous stands you can find at Phantasium. Besides shopping and music, there is also entertainment. Publisher zilverspoor will be there with a stand where you can get a chance of getting your own manuscript pitched. They also launche their new novel Zihaen by autor Paul E. Horsman on Saturday.Zilverspoor won't be the only publisher attending, Books of Fantasy will also be present. If you haven't seen enough music on Saturday, here is the schedule for Sunday :Trio Dhoore at 10.45,Pyrates! at 13.30,Ball Noir at 15.15, and finally Sassennachs at 17.00.


Like every year there will be special corners to have your photo taken. So dress up! Another reason to look your best is the costume contest, wich will be held at Sunday 12:15. On this edition of Phantasium there will be a special department dedicated to steampunk,coordinated with The Steampunk Objective. Step in time, learn about this age and get to know the people living it.


If you think there will be a second of boredom at Phantasium, you are wrong. Besides the music, entertainment and market, I have always experienced Phantasium as very cozy full of friendly people who are always willing to talk to you about everything they love to do. There are dressed up people all around who will entertain you endlessly, sometimes because of their beauty but also of their creepiness. Learn some folk steps, shop a corset and make some friends. At Phantasium you can entertain yourself every minute and if you like fantasy, this is a must-go!

Phantasium will take place at:

Beursgebouw Eindhoven
Lardinoisstraat 8 5611 ZZ Eindhoven

Tickets are avalaible at the entrance and here are the prices:

Adult 12,50
adult passe-partout 22,50
kids under 4 free
kids 5-12 7,50
family ticket day 32,00
special concert 40,00

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